Size: 70×54 cm
Water color, inks on silk and underneath the silk is glued Do paper.

The picture is larger than the size above but the perfect size when put into the picture frame is 70×54 cm.

In Vietnam, drawing on silk is also known as “silk dyeing”, it comprises of “washed” and “dyed” techniques. These two techniques always go hand in hand. Because it has a “washing” technique, the Vietnamese painting way is likened to “dyeing”, and when you want to “dye” it requires a “wash”.

Unlike silk painting techniques in other countries, their painting methods on silk and paper are the same. They try to make the silk surface as smooth as the paper to draw on.

Vietnamese method is dyed painting. That means we draw and let the color stick to the silk thread not the silk surface and the silk background does not lose its inherent characteristics — the silk is still soft.
“Dyeing” silk can be simply said to be a mean to describe the effect achieved by painting on silk with the the Vietnamese method, not about the colour alone.

To be precise, dyeing painting is to draw many thin layers of color on top of each other so that the color particles are evenly spread and firmly adhered to the silk thread. That is also a very interesting difference between the Vietnamese silk paintings compared to other types of painting.

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